Arianna Pipicelli (MSc Dip UKCP Registered Psychotherapist) Psychotherapy & Counselling in Highbury & Islington, North London

Everybody faces difficult issues in their lives at one time or another, it could be in the family, at work or with friends. Sometimes we get stuck in the same patterns of behaviour that prevent us from growing and moving on to live a more fulfilled life.

Some benefits you can expect in working in therapy with me are:
- Greater self-awareness.
- Empowerment to make decisions from an increased range of choices.
- A safe environment in which you can face your challenges and issues.
- Developing more meaningful and fulfilling relationships.
- Living a life that is authentic to you.

I am a Gestalt psychotherapist, Gestalt Psychotherapy is an holistic form of therapy that focuses on the individual experience in the present moment and tries to include the whole person together with the context of the person life. It is also an integrative method and that gives me the freedom to access the information available and use what I need to help my clients, sometimes relying upon techniques and theoretical underpinnings drawn from other schools like CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy), psychodynamic and existential psychotherapy or other subjects like neuroscience, mindfulness, physics.

I use instruments, like the phenomenological enquiry, to get closer to your subjective world - instead of guessing what you are thinking - to attempt to look at things from your point of view, also, what happens in our relationship becomes part of our work together.

Gestalt is also experiential and change often happens through direct experience of something new, not just talking about things. The nature of the experiment depends on what you are experiencing during the session. I will invite you to role play, explore a dream, focus on a body movement, a sensation, express a feeling or repeat a phrase and notice how that affected you.

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Times of acute crisis could be described as being in the eye of the storm, I`ll help you to walk out of it.

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Some people feel like everything they do doesn`t give them any pleasure, they actually don`t feel very much anymore, perhaps they experience themselves as isolated from the world around them.

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It doesn`t need to be like that: we can always choose to become more open and connected to people and things that surround us.

Relationships can be not only sources of hurt but of great joy as well. We live in a culture that does not inform us about the difficulty and complexity of connecting with others.

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For one human being to love another: that is perhaps the most difficult of all our tasks, the ultimate, the last test and proof, the work for which all other work is but preparation.

R. M. Rilke.

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